2018 Podcasts/Schedule

Please note that there are two stages with performances occurring simultaneously.

Thursday, May 10

8:00 PM: Whiskey Business

9:00 PM: True Crime Garage

Friday, May 11

7:00 PM Rock and Roll Book Club

8:15 PM Screening Room

8:30 PM Sitting w/ Cy

9:45 PM EM Over Easy

9:45 PM War Rocket Ajax

11:00 PM MultiversalQ

Saturday, May 12

2:15 PM: Canned Air

2:30 PM: The Final Stretch With Clarissa F

3:45 PM: The Powerful Mind

4:00 PM: Go No Contact

5:15 PM: Vinyl Analysis

5:30 PM: Columbus Cares

6:30 PM: Fart Cast

7:00 PM: It’s All Been Done Radio Hour

Headliners begin at 7:15 PM on the main stage:

Still Buffering

Court Appointed

Sunday, May 13

1:00 PM: The One You Feed

2:15 PM: An Hour of our Time

2:30 PM: Upside

4:00 PM: Drop the Needle

5:15 PM: Chatimals

5:30 PM: Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go

6:45 PM: Lustmordia

7:00 PM: Confluence Cast

8:30 PM: Ohio v. the World

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