DIY Podcast Contest

We’re looking to encourage podcasting for everyone by opening up submissions for a DIY Podcast Contest. Read more about how you can participate and watch the contest below.

What is the DIY Podcast Contest?

The DIY contest is an open pitch to anyone who’s purchased an Early Bird pass to the festival. Once you’ve purchased your Early Bird pass email us your podcast idea. Include the legal full name you used to purchase your pass, your order confirmation number, and have the email titled: DIY

We will pick the best submission and premier that podcast at an exclusive live show on the second day of the festival.

What should I include in my submission?

A name, description, and a plan for your show at the festival. Who’s hosting? Who are the guests? How many mics will you need? Don’t worry about having a graphic ready.

What are the restrictions?

  • You can’t have more than three guests.
  • You can’t steal someone else’s idea.
  • We will not be buying props or other decorations. You can have them, we just won’t pay for them.
  • We ask that you keep in mind this will be a show and that there will be a live, breathing audience there to watch you. So make sure your idea will translate well onstage. If the idea of being in front of a crowd is too scary then don’t submit.
  • Remember that choosing a winner is up to the discretion of the CPF committee.

What happens to my recording after it’s all said and done?

We will provide post production editing, graphic design, and podcast hosting as needed. Columbus Podcast Festival will not take ownership of your idea.

Can I submit only one idea?

You can submit as many ideas as you’d like, just be sure to include the correct name, confirmation number, and email title each time you submit a new idea. Remember, we will choose and accept only ONE pitch if you’re selected.